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Ready to make your mark on the world by sharing your hard-earned skills, experience, or knowledge... but feeling stuck... because you have no idea where to start, or where the money will come from?!

Hey, I'm Monique. And in my 15 years as an intuitive coach, I've met a lot of women who are genuinely confused, angry and upset because they're following the steps that they've been told spirituality and healing and manifesting is all about...

And nothing has changed!

So, I made it MY mission to help women see the truth...

The REAL growth you're looking for - the type that causes you to be RICHER, SANER and CALMER - is directly aligned with how willing you are to see this:

Building a life you love has nothing to do with the tools you've been given to just 'manifest' it, the tarot cards you've got, or the energy healing your friend is raving about...

Because none of that brings you even remotely close to the VISION inside of you.

OR to the bullshit story of your own unworthiness that's standing in your way of building that amazing f*cking soul vision into your life.

After all, there's JUST YOU here.

And I believe that you're crazy powerful, insanely courageous, and amazingly resourceful. I mean, you're tapped into a creative force that will blow your freakin' mind...

But it only works IF you let go of all the old subconscious stories trapped within you right now that are telling you that you CAN'T!

The worst part?! You probably can't even see them... they just cause you to SABOTAGE... and then you wonder what the point of trying even is...

So, I've made it my mission to just share what I do each day - the REAL, gritty, loving, spiritual groundwork that has allowed me the insight, courage and income to:

  • move into a bigger apartment during the COVID lockdown;
  • work with teachers like Bob Proctor and John Assaraf (from The Secret movie) even though I had no idea where the money would come from when I signed up with them; and
  • help women from all over the world to change their lives for the better - as they learn how to simply NOT give up on themselves or their ideas but to CREATE in alignment with their own soul vision.

Here's the thing, I fully believe that you have a right to all the abundance that's out there...

But has anyone ever told you what YOUR role is in receiving it? And are you committed to taking responsibility for the way you feel about yourself and your life?!

No matter how slow you need to go on this journey, good things are available... always! But you need to open the door to let them in. I'll show you how.

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You'll discover:

  • How to clear the way to RECEIVE more money from your own skills, wisdom and experience;
  • The keys to deeper self-awareness and therefore command over your life; and
  • How to tap into the vision within you, flowing from the soul, and amplifying your life in every way.

Sound good?

Meet Monique.

I started out 15 years ago knowing NOTHING about what it would take to make my own income... and along the way I built a lot of faith, and become more persistent than I ever imagined possible.

So I made it my mission along the way to ensure that other spiritually-minded, entrepreneurial women understand what it takes to become richer, saner and calmer too.

I don't want you to give up. I want to help you cut right to the core of what matters, how you'll create your own success, and where the money will come from to make it all happen.

Monique x

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